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Why should a tattoo artist have Revivink?

We are honoured to be the part of such a creative industry, reframing redefining facial features and making people more at home with their appearances.

For starters: one more service to offer. And a very important one.

And, it’s desirable to be able to help not only with putting more pigment into someone’s skin but also removing some because some other well meaning tattoo artist has left a mark which our client wants to remove or lighten.

Revivink is a small investment for someone who already does machine tattooing because the same skills used in machine tattooing are used in tattooing #revivink into the skin.

No training needed (says the talented artist who owns the brand that created such a versatile and gentle tattoo remover).

All you need to use Revivink is gentle tattooing action like you are shading, a group needle and about half an hour at the maximum. It’s gentle enough that you can get away without numbing on most people if that’s a choice you are comfortable making. If not, your discretion is the best.

Just 2-3 passes and leaving it on for 10 minutes.


No after care needed. This is as simple as it gets.

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