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The one brand you can trust when your priority is healed results

Let's start where it begins - yes it's made in Russia where integrity towards the client's skin is a religion. When you want to expand your arsenal because you are tired of dealing with the ashiness and grey ness that is coming through because of heavy carbon load of organic pigments this is the brand for you. Trusted, awarded and the brand owner Aleksey is an international judge he is highly respected in tattoo circles where they discuss truth.

When your preference is the skin of your client and you are invested in the long term healed results not just the immediate look and quick saturation which can result in the onslaught of the ashy results that the industry is now floooded with - that's when you also add this brand to your kit, with confidence because 6th sense has a name in the industry.

The miraculous brand which was the first to offer stable inorganic - not going orange over time and definitely not going ashy like it's carbon based organic counterpart.

There is a reason that Aleksey has won so many awards and so much honour. It reflects in his brand. From Russia with love for the tattoo artist wit integrity who knows the future of their clients' skin is in their hands.

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