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The world's first tattoo removal solution that doesn't require training.

Usage instructions for Revivink 


No training needed if you tattoo with a machine already.


  1. Shake the bottle very well 

  2. Please use a group needle like 3, 5 or 7 

  3. Do very gentle slow thorough tattooing with the liquid it will have to be as deep as the pigment you are trying to remove 

  4. Do 3 passes 

  5. Leave the liquid on for 20 minutes and cover it with cling film for that 

  6. Wipe off 

  7. Note: On stubborn and very deep pigment do dots and go as deep as the pigment has been deposited

  8. No after care needed 


Revivink removes green, yellow, red, orange, beige, purple, blue, grey and of course titanium dioxide the white pigment. 

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