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“6th sense” permanent make up pigments. Only for professionals.

The results of permanent make-up work are largely depend on pigments which used by the masters while performing the procedure. Aspirations for the ideal, a natural desire to achieve the maximum quality, force us, masters, to constantly seek and try something new to choose the best pigments for permanent make-up.

Many pigments have their own advantages and disadvantages, assessments which, as a rule, are put on our own experience. I used author's mixes, tried many popular pigments. As a result, my choice was stopped by the pigments “6th sense” from Alexei Hvesenya and I absolutely satisfied with the result. Therefore, all masters who are professionally engaged in permanent make-up, I recommend 6th sense as the best for today permanent pigments, developed by Russian specialists specially for the european type of skin.

Pigments for permanent makeup “6th sense” is the result of long studies and years of testing, one of the goals of which is to create a stable formula that prevents color migration with time, allows masters to get a guaranteed predictable result for any skin and color-type.

In full measure it was possible to reach by A.Hvesenya - his pigments do not flow, they easily fit, they do not migrate and with their help one can evenly cover an unsuccessful permanent when the other pigments are folded. A distinctive feature of 6th sense pigments is color fastness and predictability.

Pigments are created on a water-alcohol basis according to the original chemical formula. In the composition are organic and inorganic pigments, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, polypropylene glycol, purified water. The volume of the bottle is 15 ml. Pigments “6th Sense" are ideal for both hardware and manual tattooing methods.

Selection of pigments for eyebrows is carried out as follows: what color of hair, such pigment is taken. The first digital is the tone (dark, light), the second is the color.

For brows:

1 - the darkest in the palette (heals soft graphite) for eyelids or burning brunettes; 3.2 - dark chocolate (for dark brown hair with a reddish tint);
3.1 - dark chestnut color;
5.2 - for light with a reddish tint, including for the red;

3.3 - for dark brown hair with golden tint or for golden blondes with dark eyes;

5.3 - for golden blondes with light eyes; 3.4 - dark-blond;
5.4 - light blond.
For eyelids:

0 - black color for arrows and crosswords; 0.2 - black chocolate for the eyelids.

Correctors are available in the 6th sense pigment line: 7.1 - corrector for 3.1.
7.2 - corrector for 3.2 and 5.2
7.3 - corrector for 3.3 and 5.3

7.4 - corrector for 3.4 and 5.4

Correctors are used when using the 1R needle, when it is not possible to "pull out" the correct shade, it helps to strengthen the pigment's color, adding to it the saturation. Correctors are also used for overlaps. The corrector is mixed at the rate of 50/50, the tint of the corrector is selected by the color, which is needed at the end. For example, if the results are required at the end of 3.3 or 5.3, then 7.3 corrector is using for mixing. Corrector 7.4 can be used to cover red eyebrows, for overlapping gray - corrector 7.2.

Attention: pigments of 6th sense never should be mixed with pigments of other manufacturers, chlorhexidine should not be added in them too, as this leads to changing in the chemical composition and loss of specially developed pigment properties. So in the end the result will not be the Sixth Sense.

It is necessary to enter the pigment at the correct depth, do not plant too deep into the skin!

Pigments are certificated and have passed the state registration, are resolved for manufacture, realization and use in territory of the Customs union (the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation).


This is the first and only tool that can correct errors in work. Softens dense, planted areas of tattoo, "revitalizes the color". The technique of application is the same as with permanent makeup procedure. Special training is not required. Volume 15 ml.

Usually two passes are made, introduced as a normal pigment (more passes may be required depending on skin condition, depth and density of pigment deposition) on the depth of the pigment to be clarified (removed). Application is five minutes. You can work on a fresh PM to fix errors. During operation, wipe with a disc of water with a normal or surgical soap. Heal dry, you can lubricate a little Vaseline. You can apply on all zones. Avoid contact with eyes!

Vial before use.

To clients with a dry disk, gently wipe the soup immediately after the procedure. Revivink is used to lighten the planted areas, "pulls" the color. Do not behave aggressively as rejuvi (tattoo remover). Thanks to the composition, there is an effect of smoothing out skin lesions, for example from microblading. Removal of permanent is an additional character of the revivink

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