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Revivink for making lip tattoo removal easier

In the last few years lip blush or lip tattoos have been very popular which has also created an increased need for correction and removal of lip tattoos.

Lips are a very sensitive area for tattoo removal and laser may not be the best option as the skin tissue is very delicate.

Fortunately one of the most amazing options for lip tattoo removal (and eyebrow tattoo and eyeliner tattoo removal) is Revivink.

It is gentle and does not compromise on the skin's health it does it's work without damaging the lips just 2-3 gentle passes and leaving the mask on with cling film for 15-20 min will start the lightening process.

Also to have tattooing skills is kind of impossible without the super power of being able to remove at will anything accidentally done wrong. For instance if something happened accidentally and something happened at an obvious place like the Cupid's bow and the tattoo artist observes that the desired result has not been achieved for whatever reason it's almost indispensable to have the ability to change the flawed pattern especially when the artist is relatively new and still in the process of getting the best outcomes which is absolutely a part of any artist's journey.

And even if this is not the case it might be to be able to help with a new client who has a patchy or ugly old lip tattoo and their lips may even have old cheesy patches of titanium dioxide which is found a lot in most lip pigments for creating opaque results.

It's highly likely you have seen at least one lip tattoo where the artist went out of the lip area to create the look of a bigger mouth but failed in making it look good. And the old school lip line tattoos! They need removal too.

So you have an advantage you don't need to train as you are already tattoo trained. You just buy the amazing Revivink - it's made in Europe with stringent methods and has been very popular (our bestseller) for a very long period - it has an almost cult like following because it's so gentle and works.

So give it a go. Just use a group needle and use circles or dots to get it into the skin gently and let it do its work for you.

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