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Why 6th sense pigments?

Do you remember being promised the world and not being delivered much? Yeah that feeling?

I can tell you 6th sense pigments will surprise you.

The only challenge will will be they heal soft but they will do few things for you like never before.

1. Cover up old pigment by transforming it permanently. Whether it’s an old faded eyeliner or it’s funky brow colours with some iron oxide brand or scarring. You can cover up with 6th sense effectively.

2. They won’t surprise you with a colour you never intended to have. What you choose is what you get, maybe lighter when it heals but no other challenges. Once it’s healed it will stay in the skin like a comforting shadow of much needed colour. It won’t disappear on you.

3. 6th sense doesn’t migrate underneath the skin. Strict quality control and special formula so KNOW its one of the safest colours you can use for eyeliner. Be fussy, your work is your walking advertisement.

You owe yourself owning at least 2 colours to start with

start with 3.2 and 0.2 my favourites.

play with them, I’ve used 3.2 for eyeliner by itself, mixed it with 0.2 for eyeliner. My most reached for colour for brows has to be 3.2

dare yourself and be the tattoo artists who trie to find out.


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