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True to colour

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

One of the most important reasons for me to start selling 6th sense pigments was - I was restless to find pigments that did not change colour when I saw my client again. I’m so lucky I had confidence in what Dr Anna Dixon said about 6th sense pigments as she had been using them for 5 years when I started to crave using them.

Pure pigment, no titanium dioxide like in the some other brands. Tested and certified by Russian labs.

For years I used brands that turned salmon pink, orangey, and I was trying to catch my own tail by covering up with what the teachers brand suppliers suggested - use the green based pigment to cover that up and I would see embarrassing orange lines still peeping out from underneath.

After listening to Dr Anna constantly recommending 6th sense I had the urge to find out what the whole thing was about. I found the pigment pure and convincing, never healing with the slightest hint of grey ashiness like the other reliable brand I had been using. Just healing a lighter shade of brown.

Thank you 6th sense and Aleksey

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