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Marrying a great eyebrow pigment changed my tattoo-life!

6th Sense Pigments
Aleksey Khvesenya

As an eyebrow tattoo artist, tattoo pigments were the bane of the my existence. You can do the best work and then the wrong pigment can sabotage that beautiful work. I suffered that for almost 5 years of my 7 years of brow tattooing. It was almost like the pigment brand I wanted did not exist. I would do work that would conveniently turn salmon, orange and it would be extremely disappointing. There was no where to turn to no one to blame it was my own work. What could I possibly say to the clients who were dependent on me?

They were in my studio because they put their faith in me. They were investing in me, in my ability to choose and leave pigment in their skin. How could my great art be of any use unless I had access to reliable eyebrow tattoo pigment that did not go reddish/orangey/salmon?

I wanted to be rescued and then when I was listening to Anna Dixon carefully, I picked up the phrase ‘6th sense pigments’.


Anna was born in Russia, and turned out the pigments are Russian. And they have been created by an extraordinarily talented tattoo artist called @alekseykhvesenya and that’s why it’s called an authors line of brow pigments.

I tried to figure out how to order them online. I love it that just like me and other tattoo artists in the world when he was looking at the outcomes of brow (lip, eyeliner as well) tattoos long after the clients had left and had been healed he was thinking the same thing - SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Thank God, we were on the same page. But once I found out about these elite world class Russian tattoo pigments I also figured there was no easy way of just going online and ordering them with a few flicks of my fingers on my previous phone.


6th Sense Pigments
The high-grade potential of our 6th Sense pigments range. Credit to Aleksey.

So I invested myself in the idea that maybe I could make that easier for myself and other artists which is why I decided to become the distributor of these pigments. And here I am, trying to create more online exposure about them.

I had observed Anna’s outcomes using those pigments and now I can even see my own outcomes on my own clients. The colour is very consistently reliable. It’s stays the colour that was tattooed into the skin. FINALLY.

Here’s a link to read the interview of the great artist who made this happen.

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