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How many times do I use revivink on each client

No one size fits all. It will depend on each case but for a normal-bad I would like to think 3 sessions and you can charge a decent removal price the first time and can give them a smaller price for the subsequent visits.

In my understanding the red tattoos are the most stubborn and they might need 5 sessions so just go with the flow which is my best advice to myself.

See what works, but definitely give it A SHOT. I can confidently say each tattoo artist needs to own one bottle.

Hypothetically you might make a little mistake with some challenging crepy skin doing eyeliner (like I did) or meet eye to eye with your own old work when you were ‘still learning’.

Phew! Confronting and humbling but it’s handy to have Ms Revivink-ctrl-alt-del-slowly-but-surely.

Well the brand owner who is kind of a genius thinks if you can tattoo with a machine, you can use Revivink. He means business.

Give it a go.

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