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Dear PMU artist you now have a SUPER POWER

OMG! As a PMU artist I've always wanted this super power, to be able to make someone's bad cosmetic tattoo disappear. And now #revivink is making that possible. It's so exciting to offer that to other tattoo artists. Ofcourse people have had a life and they have tried different things and they have had tattoos that don't look as good as they should and they need to be removed. Enter, the PMU artist who uses #6thsense and they are equipped with a simple product which does not even need extensive training. Yay!

It sounds too good to be true, but if you want to try this build up your confidence check the impressive pictures when you search for the hashtag #revivink on instagram and check out what people have achieved. Here are some pictures with due credit in the photo to the actual artist off of instagram.

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