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Bringing 6th Sense outside of Europe

The PMU industry is growing really fast and too much good stuff is happening, artists have too much to choose from. And part of that is being spoiled with the best tools in the game, #6thsense pigments being one of them. When Dr Anna Dixon continued talking about this brand I knew we were one to something. My 6th sense told me it's going to be fantastic.

PMU artist knows they literally play with the face of their client, their commitment to a fabulous outcome makes them want to have confidence in the brands they choose. They can't not use the best, most reliable pigments as their work is their walking advertisement. Every artist craves for stable colour outcomes. They might have the best machine/technique but if their outcome does not fade evenly or in some shade of brown, its a huge disappointment. Thats why #6thsense is here.

It was painful to see my work change colours and not last long enough in the first few years of my work. I know that pain, so Dr Anna's little prod made me offer this to other artists who wanted to buy this brand and feel proud of their work.

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